The Key to Being the Worst Salesperson Ever

I’ve shared before that my career prior to hypnotherapy was sales, but what I may not have shared was that I really wasn’t good at it.  Technically, not even a little bit. “Always Be Closing?” Most of my “closing” lines sounded a lot like “so…do you want to buy it?”

This isn’t false modesty; I really wasn’t good at pushing people to buy. For me, they key was becoming the clients friend and confidant, not their sales rep.  Having said that, I was almost always the top producer at every company I worked.

 Why? How? 

Well, I almost never tried to “sell” to anyone. Frankly, I didn’t care if anyone bought. I genuinely wanted the client to have what they needed, which is why I have only ever been able to sell things I really believed in. And buy they did; mostly because they could feel there wasn’t a shady agenda there.

So why am I telling you this?

Because right now we are all being called to set aside the mask of selling people on our ideas, our products, or our services, and be a more authentic version of ourselves.

No matter your occupation, we all are at times having to try and sell our point of view to another. I suggest you all work on selling using the most authenticity possible.  Don’t go in trying to make them see it your way. Go in with the idea that you want all involved to have what they really need, and share your opinion on what that is.

Also, you need to work on being neutral.  Assume everyone you are dealing with is at least a little bit intuitive.  People can really feel it when you need a certain result; like you are a salesperson with a quota. Nobody trusts a salesperson who has an air of desperation about them.

This world is changing and our approach to it needs to change.  No matter what the agenda you are trying to put forward, if you go in with the thought, feeling, and idea that you want all involved to get what they really need, you are much more likely to get the result you want.

HA! And on that note, call me today for an appointment: )  I know it’s the best thing you can do for yourself and I truly want you to have what you most need : )

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Jill Thomas is a Certified hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression therapist, and Intuitive Coach who has spent the last decade assisting others reach their lifestyle and wellness goals. Her focus is personal transformation, achieved by utilizing her abundant experience, skills, and intuition to guide clients to the core of their debilitating issue, where permanent healing can then take place.

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