10 Things you need to know about Past Life regression therapy

People love doing past life regressions and as a hypnotherapist its just about my favorite things to do too.  But most people don’t really understand it that well or they think they do and they have it wrong.  Here is 10 things I really want people to learn about Past life Regression Therapy.

Not every problem is about a past life:  Unless your fear is of starving to death in the middle of winter (which I have seen by the way) almost all fears can be found to have as very current life origin even if you do not remember a specific incidence of trauma.  You would be very surprised to know the kinds of things that can trigger fears and phobias and a past life origin is kind of rare though I will admit it does happen.

Yes, you may have been an alien but not a dog:  Clients are often VERY surprised when they go back to a past life look down at their bodies and see that they are not human, and they are not on earth.  Not a dog or cat, that’s never happened but most definitely not human. Those are fun but can be a bit startling if you are not expecting it.

Your pets reincarnate too: I have yet to have a horse person in my chair not go back to a past life where they ran into their horse again.  The same is true for your dogs and cats.  Clients have even said to me when they “Died” in their past life they were more upset about missing their cat than their family.

Past life regressions can be done in many ways:  I personally have learned 3 different PLR techniques.  The one I like the best is Michael Newtons technique but sometimes I use different approaches for different clients. Great information can be found using lots of different methods and every therapist changes the script they are using a lot to suit their tastes.  No matter how it’s done Its always fun, I promise.

Yes, there is a such thing as parallel lives: I always give the suggestion “take us back to a past life that is effecting you today” Maybe 1 in 5 go to a life they are living currently in another body and another part of the country. Healing that problem makes both and maybe more lives better. For most of us a belief in reincarnation in general can be a bit of a stretch but if you just go one step further and accept that you may be living more than one life at a time you really open to a whole new understanding of the world.

You may not be the good guy in the story:  I will be honest with you this one happened to me in a training session.  In front of a group of fellow students I went back to and recounted a story about a lifetime where I did something REALLY bad.  It is always a shock but there is a reason why you are showed that information and something very healing comes from knowing that expereince.  I am not convinced that robbing a bank and murdering someone (yep that was me) disqualifies you from ever being a healer in a future life it just means you may have to do the work to heal it.

History was written by the winners:  After having done about 100 of these and heard differing accounts of historical events I am convinced the history books have the outcome of several big events wrong.  When you do a PLR, you must set aside what you think you know about history and be open to what you really see now what you are told.

REALLY REALLY awful things:  Yes, in the past bad bad things have happened and if you are currently working in a healing art I am 100% sure had a lifetime where you were burned at the stake but, know that spirit will not show you one of these lifetimes unless you can see if without becoming too distraught and unless you can actually heal it.  I personally had a lifetime where I died in the holocaust.  I had maybe done 30 or so practice sessions on myself before this ever came up and yes it was BAD bad, but I was in a place where I was emotionally able to see it and do the healing work.  Almost nobody has anything really bad show up the first time they do a PLR.

Yes, your family was with you before: Your husband, wife, mother and children have almost all been with you many times before.  I find most people have 3 or 4 people they always reincarnate with and maybe another 5 that show up a lot.  And yes, some of those are people you really don’t like. My mother in law who was my mortal enemy in this life always seems to show up in my PLR’s playing basically the same role for me.  Its part of the deal and I really couldn’t tell you why.

Yes, you have been famous but not always:  Many clients come in after watching some cool documentary on the history channel thinking they may have been Queen Elizabeth, Genghis Khan or even once Ann Boleyn.  You would be surprised how many suspected Cleopatra’s I have seen in my office but so far I don’t think she has show up, however I do believe I have seen members of her court.  Yes, you may have been someone famous but your affinity for a particular historical figure might also indicate another type of connection.  After all even Ann Bolin had friends.

Bottom line a past life regression is one of the most interesting things you can do.  Will it heal all your problems and take away every fear you have ever had? Probably not, but the information you receive can help you create profound and lasting change as well as bring amazing insight into why you are the way you are and isn’t self understanding always a good thing.  Don’t be afraid of exploring the live/lives you have had before.  Its amazing fun and it just might change your life.  Namaste.

Jill Thomas CHT

Soul Connect Hypnotherapy
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Jill Thomas is a Certified hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression therapist, and Intuitive Coach who has spent the last decade assisting others reach their lifestyle and wellness goals. Her focus is personal transformation, achieved by utilizing her abundant experience, skills, and intuition to guide clients to the core of their debilitating issue, where permanent healing can then take place.

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