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Is there an ongoing, troubling issue in your life that you feel utterly powerless to change or remedy? Perhaps it’s time to try addressing the conflict where it is rooted – in your mind. Healthy Habits Hypnosis has brought relief and healing to hundreds of people with issues such as anxiety and phobias, overeating, insomnia, and lack of self-confidence. At the same time, our techniques reinforce adoption of new and constructive patterns of thought and action.

Hypnotherapy incorporates hypnosis, guided meditation, and coaching, all specifically tailored to each person’s goals. Improvement in symptoms can be rapid, with many clients noticing a difference after only one session. Often, individuals are amazed and delighted to see their problem completely resolved after just a few sessions. It is also convenient – hypnotherapy sessions are conducted in person at our Encinitas, CA office or by phone.

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The therapeutic benefits of hypnosis – a technique approved by the American Medical Association in 1958 – have been recognized for decades. Anyone can potentially benefit from the use of hypnosis to relieve issues such as stress, fear and panic attacks, losing weight, difficult relationships, poor sports/academic performance, and low self-esteem. The list goes on. The procedure is completely safe – people under hypnosis remain aware of their surroundings and cannot be forced to do anything against their will.

Why not try this gentle, all-natural and drug-free solution to eliminate painful habits and behaviors/attitudes that you’ve proven to yourself time and again, just don’t work...

Isn’t it time to be free?

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